BorisCallum Filth - Boris Has an announcement for Callum
EddieTinkering Turian - Pewdiepie uses the n-word live on stream (uncensored)
IWillRapeYouSanjayKeithThe Filth Factory - I'm a Barnsley Lad (Early Filth) - Callum's Corner Donation Prank
JezzamanThe Football Chank - callum adams retching without context for 8 minutes straight
OceanslimThe Filth Factory - Barnsley Lad (Abusive Edition) - Callum's Corner Donation Prank
Ronald WeaselCRUGER7 - CRUGER - Aristocrats (ARISTOCRATS JOKE RAP)
Sean54607Phil A Sheyo - Tom stockdale does racist rap (donate to Callums corner)
ShabbaManLuke's Loud Sounds - DramaAlert Intro (Loud)
ShabbaManThe ShabbaMan - Optimus Crime
ShabbaManThe ShabbaMan - send in the R
TheYorkshireApacheFilmshake - Eric Bogle - I Hate Wogs (Satirical Song)
TheYorkshireApacheLoyalist Songs - Number one platoon-loyalist song
TheYorkshireDayApacheDaniel Hague - I'm a Barnsley lad (Funny song)
Thomas JonesalyankovicVEVO - Weird Al Yankovic - Amish Paradise (Official Parody of Gangsta's Paradise)
WOODYNUFC98WAIFU - ASMR Sounds || Moaning Sound, Orgasm
WozzaaTNER - Nightcore - I Like It Loud
Yujiro hanma lad96Xaxton's Song Request Annoyance Hub - Everybody Do The Flop (feat. Sanjay Bennett and Raoul Moat)